8th December

Proclamation of Clavarios

The clavarios are the people who will occupy the positions of Mayordomos during next year’s fiestas. At 10:00 a.m., in the Basílica de la Purísima, the SOLEMN RELIGIOUS FUNCTION that the Association of Stewards dedicates to the Santísima Virgen del Castillo will take place, with the presence of the Authorities, Board of Directors, Stewards, Pages, Senior Helpers, Group Helpers, Corporals and the general public.

After the Holy Mass, the procession, in formation, will go along Martínez Corbalán and Plaza Mayor, to the Plaza Concejal Sebastián Pérez, where the INVESTMENT OF THE CLAVARIES will take place. At the end of the ceremony, the Stewards will be accompanied to their respective homes. Place of celebration: Basílica de La Purísima and Plaza Concejal Sebastián Pérez. Starting time: 10:00 a.m.

Procession of the Virgin

At 18:00 the SOLEMN PROCESSION WITH THE IMAGE OF THE PURISIMA CONCEPTION will begin, following the traditional itinerary. After the arrival of the Virgin at the Placeta de San Cayetano, a monumental fireworks display will be set off, popularly known as “LOS CASTILLICOS”. The procession will continue along San José Street to San Francisco Street, where the Alférez (Steward of the Flag) accompanied by the Captain (Steward of the Staff), will begin the traditional game of the flag in front of the image of the Patron Saint, which will be escorted by the thunder of the arquebuses and cheered by the thousands of faithful who every year witness such a spectacular and emotional act until the Patron Saint enters the Basilica. The resounding of the harquebuses, the “vivas” of the enthusiastic faithful, the characteristic scent of gunpowder and the indescribable joy reflected in the faces of the Mayordomo del Bastón firing his harquebuses and the Mayordomo de la Bandera as he plays the flag in front of the Basilica.
the Flag while the latter plays in front of the image, are so intense for the spectator that they even bring tears of emotion to the eyes of hundreds of Yeclanos. At the end of the procession, the Company will accompany the Mayordomos to their respective homes.
Starting point: Basílica de La Purísima. Starting time: 18:00 hours.