Junta Directiva

The Board of Directors will be renewed every four years, as determined by the Statutes of the “Asociación de Mayordomos” de la Purísima Concepción.

Presidente: D. José Luis Soriano Morata
Consiliario: Rvdo. Sr. D. José Antonio Abellán
Vicepresidente: D. Francisco Martín Azorín Yago
Secretario: D. Manuel Sahuquillo Rubio
Vicesecretario: D. José Zarate Lucas
Tesorero: D. Francisco Javier Valero López
Vicetesorero: D. Rubén Juan Martínez
Vocal de Formación: D. Gustavo Adolfo Palao Palao
Vocal de Juventud: D. Álvaro Ibáñez García
Vocal de Caridad: D. Juan Puche Forte
Vocal: D. Antonio Ferriz Navarro

This board of directors, headed by its President D. José Luis Soriano Morata, has 10 members and has been in office since 2023.

a) To execute the resolutions adopted by the General Assembly.

b) To study and report in advance on all matters to be dealt with at the General Assemblies.

c) To draw up the Association’s Annual Report, which shall be submitted for approval by the General Assembly.

d) To draw up the Balance Sheet and Budgets to be submitted for approval by the General Assembly, and subsequent rendering of accounts to the Diocesan Bishop.

e) To propose the admission of new Associates and their withdrawal when they occur.

f) To propose and, if necessary, impose the appropriate sanctions in accordance with the disciplinary regime established in these Statutes and in Law.

g) To act as the Association’s Financial Affairs Council.

h) To authorise, in compliance with the provisions of canon 1288, the lodging of administrative appeals, the exercise of legal actions, or to appear, settle or oppose in litigious matters in which the Association may be sued.

i) To authorise the contracting of personnel for those works or services, whether continuous or discontinuous, that are considered necessary for the best fulfilment of the aims of this Association.

j) To dispose of the funds of the Association and to manage income, subscriptions, subsidies, donations, etc.

k) To acquire such elements, materials, articles, etc. as may be necessary for the fulfilment of the aims of the Association.

l) To appoint working or study commissions and secretariats for any specific purpose, either of a permanent nature or for a specific task.

m) To specify the participation of the Association in the organisation, with the consent of the competent ecclesiastical authority, of the religious events of the Patron Saint Festivities of Yecla that are traditionally held in honour of the Immaculate Conception, as well as those others that by their nature correspond to the aims of this Association.

n) To propose, from among the Full Members, those who are to assume the functions of Senior Assistants, designated in the manner determined by regulation.

o) To propose candidates who, as former Stewards, are to form part of any other bodies in which the Association is to be represented.

p) In general, all powers or functions not specifically attributed to the competence of the General Assembly, and which correspond to the nature of the Board of Directors itself.

The Board of Directors is composed of:

1. The Reverend Parish Priest of La Purísima, Yecla, or a priest designated by the competent ecclesiastical authority, shall be the Consiliary of the Association in his own right.

2. The function of the Consiliary is to stimulate in the faith and to enlighten in the customs from evangelical criteria and to encourage the life of the Association.

spiritual, apostolic action and the charitable and social projection of the Association.

3. It must ensure the internal unity of the Association itself and see to it that it maintains relations with the parish and diocesan bodies concerned, as well as with other non-ecclesiastical bodies.

4. The Consiliary is a full member of the Association, forming part of all its Collegiate Bodies, in which he/she shall act with voice but without vote.

5. His approval shall be binding in all aspects related to formation, worship and the exercise of charity.

6. In particular, it will be the guarantor of preserving the religious character of the acts, rituals, etc. that are celebrated in Yecla on the occasion of its Patron Saint’s Festivities.

7. When his office coincides with that of Parish Priest of the Immaculate Conception, he is the custodian and Guardian of the Holy Titular Image, deciding all that corresponds to its care, transfers and worship.

8. In accordance with these Statutes, he/she will also be competent to extend, in accordance with these Statutes, endorsement to admit new members, to hold representative posts or to assume the functions of “Clavario”, “Mayordomo de la Virgen”, “Ayudante Mayor”, or others that involve participating in a prominent and representative way in the events and celebrations organised by the Association.


9. As an ex officio member, his term of office shall coincide with his appointment as Parish Priest; in the case of direct appointment by the ecclesiastical authority, the duration of his term of office shall be established in the relevant decree of appointment.


The powers of the President of the Association are as follows

a) To hold the legal representation of the ASSOCIATION OF MAYORS OF THE PURISIMA CONCEPCION OF YECLA, in all kinds of acts, before any natural or legal person, public or private, and before any organism, instance or jurisdiction, ecclesiastical or civil.

b) To execute, fulfil and ensure that the agreements adopted by the General Assembly or by the Board of Directors are fulfilled.

c) To convene the meetings to be held, both of the General Assembly and of the Board of Directors, to chair them, to direct the debates and to decide ties with a casting vote.

d) To convene and chair all special or working Commissions that may be formed for the better fulfilment of the aims of the Association.

e) To control and give the necessary instructions to all persons contracted by the Association for the best fulfilment of its obligations.

f) To enter into contracts on behalf of the Association and to sign all kinds of documents, public or private, that may be necessary, subject to the regulatory agreements and, where appropriate, the relevant ecclesiastical licences.

g) To receive all correspondence addressed to the Association and to endorse with his signature all correspondence sent, as well as the statements of accounts, lists of members and other documents issued by the Association.

h) To act as immediate administrator of the assets of the Association (cann. 1279, 1284).

i) To authorise with his signature all payments made by the Association and to control the income.

j) To delegate any of the functions or powers entrusted to him/her by this article to the Vice-President or, exceptionally and in writing, to any other member of the Board of Directors.

The functions of the Vice-President are:

a) To substitute the President in cases of vacancy, absence, incapacity, impossibility or disqualification.

b) To exercise the functions specially delegated by the President, in accordance with the provisions of the previous article.

c) To be in charge of the protocol and public relations of the Association, in accordance with the guidelines established by the President.

d) To coordinate, in all aspects, the publication of the annual fiestas magazine-programme.

e) To supervise, with the knowledge of the President, all publications or bulletins published by the Association, without prejudice to the necessary obtaining of the corresponding ecclesiastical licences, as the case may be.

The duties of the Secretary are

a) To establish, by order of the President, the agenda of the matters to be dealt with by the General Assembly or by the Board of Directors.

b) To take account, at the meetings held by the Association, of any documents, offices, correspondence, notifications, proposals, etc. that are received and which are to be agreed or recorded.

c) To take minutes of all meetings and transcribe them in the corresponding book, duly authorised with his signature and those of the directors in attendance.

d) To draw up such documents and written documents as may be necessary to comply with agreements or provisions that so require.

e) To keep the General Register of Members, with the necessary files, data and records, which may be replaced by computerised means.

f) To order and keep the archives of the Association. g) To issue such certificates as the President may order, with reference to documents on file in the Secretariat.

h) To pass a note to the Treasurer of all additions, removals and movements of members that occur.

i) To draw up the Annual Report reflecting the main agreements adopted and any other information of general interest.

The functions of the Vice-Secretary are

a) To substitute the Secretary in cases of vacancy, absence, incapacity, impossibility or disqualification.

b) To assist the Secretary in his functions and to exercise those delegated to him by the Secretary.

c) To exercise the functions delegated by the President, in accordance with these Statutes.

The duties of the Treasurer are

a) To collaborate with the President in the administration of the Association’s assets, in accordance with the provisions of its governing bodies and the law.

b) To intervene in the inflow and outflow of funds of the Association.

c) To oversee the collection of both ordinary and extraordinary fees, informing the Board of Directors, where appropriate, of any incidents that may occur.

d) To draw up and sign all collection documents.

e) To receive and pay all amounts paid in or paid out of the funds of the Association, by means of a receipt or invoice, which must be countersigned by the President.

f) To keep the general accounts of the Association, making use of the computerised means available at any given time or of the necessary record books.

g) To draw up the Annual Balance Sheet of the movement of funds of the Association, with its corresponding statements of accounts, for its approval, if appropriate, at the General Assembly and subsequent rendering of accounts to the Diocesan Bishop.

h) To draw up the income and expenditure budgets for each financial year for submission to the General Assembly for approval.

i) To draw up, when there is a change of Treasurer or President, minutes of the state of the Association’s accounts, which shall be signed, in agreement, by both directors.

The functions of the Vice-Treasurer are

a) To substitute the Treasurer in cases of vacancy, absence, incapacity, impossibility or disqualification.

b) To assist the Treasurer in his or her functions and especially in those delegated to him or her by the Treasurer.

c) To exercise the functions specially delegated by the President, in accordance with the provisions of these Statutes.

1. The Members shall assume the specific functions of each Board of Directors.

2. They are obliged to attend all ordinary and extraordinary meetings, both of the Board of Directors and of the General Assembly.

3. The Members have the right to speak and vote in the deliberations of the Board of Directors.

4. The Members may substitute, by direct designation of the President, the Vice-Secretary or the Vice-Treasurer, in the cases provided for in these Statutes.

Its main function shall be to ensure the ongoing Christian formation of the members of the Association, sponsoring talks, short courses, conferences and especially the Diocesan Formation Plan, under the authority of the Consiliary.

Its function shall be to accompany the Associates forming the Youth section and to promote specific activities for them. He/she shall organise meetings and get-togethers with young people.

It is responsible for seeking funds to help brothers and sisters or third parties in need and to develop activities to collaborate with charitable organisations of the Catholic Church.