7th December

La Alborada
At 6:00 a.m., in the atrium of the Basílica de la Purísima, the corresponding Arcas Cerradas are fired.
La Bajada
At 8:30 am, starting from the home of the Steward of the Flag, the ascent to the Sanctuary of the Castle will begin for all the Groups of Squads that make up the Martín Soriano Zaplana Company. After the protocolary salute by the soldiers to the image of our Patron Saint, the "LA BAJADA" (the descent) towards the city will begin. During the descent, the image will stop in front of the door of the Old Church, as this was the temple that housed the Patron Saint until 1868, to continue to the Atrium of the Basilica to the sound of the gunshots fired by the soldiers, ending the act with the celebration of the Holy Mass to welcome our Patron Saint. Once the "Bajada" has finished, the "Mayordomos" will be accompanied to their respective homes.
La Ofrenda
In the afternoon, from the home of the "Mayordomo de la Bandera" the procession will depart to the home of the "Mayordomo del Bastón" (where the "Mayordomo del Bastón" will join the procession). The parade, made up of all the squads of the Martín Soriano Zaplana Company, will end at the Basílica de la Purísima with the offering of flowers to the Virgin.
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